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Friday, November 9, 2012


Life lately, in pictures from everyone's favorite photo app!
(Yes, I realize it's 9:15 on Friday night. I'm blogging to keep me awake until an appropriate bedtime for a Friday night. Wild life here, kids.)
We always go exploring after naps. This day was apparently a rock-collecting day.
Fall in Georgia can be SO wonky. 58 in the morning, 75 by the afternoon. We wear lots of layers here for a trip to the park. 
I did my civil duty. Insert political statement here.
Grayson says it's hard to be a toddler.
I snapped this on one of our afternoon walks. I guess next week I'll be buying her a car.
The babies have been practicing feeding themselves with utensils. Yogurt is tricky, as you can see.
We had pictures taken for our Christmas cards (by the AMAZING Amy of Amy E Photography ) I can't wait to get them back!
I made margarita cupcakes for a birthday dinner at a Mexican place. They were super yum.
G and A did cupcake quality control for me. They approved 
life rearranged

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