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Thursday, December 8, 2011

You Can Google It

Oh, my Blog Friends. I am so sorry you have been neglected.

You see, after the babies came home we had a couple weeks of a kind of bumpy adjustment period, but then we fell into this lovely routine. My babies are were fantastic sleepers. They always had been. Naps on schedule, sleeping through the night early - we were extremely lucky.

And then. THEN.

The four-month sleep regression happened. Ugh, the four-month sleep regression.

It's very common. You can Google it.

(Name that movie!)

(Actually, don't name that movie. I'm kind of embarrassed that I just quoted it on my mommy blog.)

Anywho, yeah. Sleep regression. It actually is very common. I'd heard horror stories about it. It stems from a pretty big brain growth spurt that happens around then - their little synapses are firing and making all kinds of new, fun connections and the poor little babies just can't turn their brains off. And yeah, technically my babies are way past four months BUT their adjusted age is right there so of course we got in on the fun too! Fortunately, their night time sleep wasn't too terribly affected, but their naps. Naps were blown OUT. OF. THE. WATER. We went days - long, cranky, screamy days - without a nap. I tried everything. I rocked. I walked. I threw them in the car and drove around. Sometimes it worked, most times it didn't. So I gave up on napping and I tried to keep them as busy as possible.

So, dear Blog Friends, I'm sorry you have been neglected. But take comfort in the fact that you were not the only ones neglected - my hairdryer, oven, and washing machine count themselves among your ranks as well.

I am happy to report that about three weeks after the naps disappeared, they managed to find their way home again. Which is why I'm able to be making this blog post now :)

1 comment:

  1. Ssssssh! Don't tell me about this! We are teething. TEETHING.

    I can see his canines and his front top teeth through the gums. I am not happy about this. At all.

    He is drooling like a bulldog. Constant. Blobs. Of. Drool.

    And he insists upon being held.

    I imagine having two of him and my head explodes.

    GO YOU.


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