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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Honey

Don't get confused, I'm not talking about the babies!

No, today's "happy birthday" goes to the man who gave me those beautiful babies. My husband, the man I love more than anything, the man I thought I couldn't love any more than I did... until I saw him with his babies. With OUR babies. And my heart grew ten sizes, a hundred sizes, and was filled with a love that words can't even touch.

It's been a long journey for him. There were many nights over the year it took us to get pregnant that I cried in frustration and he would stroke my hair and hold my hand. When I finally got pregnant, there was not a craving that went unfufilled or a sore muscle that went unrubbed. Then, when things took a turn for the worse, I clung to him, through the medicines and the contractions and scary statistics I clung to him and he was strong for me, when I couldn't be. And even now, that our precious little ones are here and fighting I still cling to him and he's still strong for me. Only he's strong for them, too.

He is an amazing husband.

He is an amazing father.

Happy birthday, honey. I love you.

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