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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Confessions of a (Not Quite) New Mom

Who is this crazy lady they sent us home with?!?

The good thing about the NICU (besides the whole "you're there because your babies are sick" thing) is that they are really good about schedules. The nurses get the babies on a strict schedule from the get-go and they stick to it like glue for the whole time they are there. So as a parent, once you get past the whole sick-baby-thing you're able to get into a really good routine.

And then they send you home.

And then your nice routine that you've had for almost four months is blown out of the water and you're expected to do everything by yourself.

Having the babies home has been nothing short of incredible, but it definitely hasn't all been smooth sailing. For your enjoyment, here are some tidbits from the trenches...

-We had our first pediatrition appointment three days after the babies came home. I was super worried about getting two babies, me, Chris and my mom plus the oxygen and monitors out the door, so I got up super early to make sure I gave myself plenty of time. I was able to get both babies bathed and dressed, diaper bag and monitors and oxygen packed, everyone ready - I even managed to put make up on! - and I was super proud of myself.... until we pulled into the parking lot and I realized that I had forgotten to brush my teeth.

-I can only remember approximately 7 words out of any given lullabye, so most of the time when I would try to get the babies to sleep it would go something like "rock-a-bye, and good night, bum ba-dummm la la la laaaa"... About three days in, I gave up on the lullabies. Now I sing Taylor Swift songs. Because I know every word to all of those. Because apparently I'm 25 going on 14.

-Audrey has had some tummy troubles since coming home, mainly from coming off the fortifier they would add to my breastmilk in the hospital. She didn't poop for like, 4 days. When she did, I cheered. Then I texted Chris about it. And then I posted about it on Twitter. I feel like posting about my babies' body functions on a social media site was my final induction into the mommy club.

-This post took me three days to complete.

So my life right now... crazy? Yes. Worth every exhausting second? Absolutely.


  1. LOL @ the Taylor Swift comment :) What cute babes you have!

  2. My initiation into the Mommy Club was being puked on on Mother's Day. Welcome :)

  3. you're not alone!! I can't remember the words to any lullabye either.... so our daughter has been hearing "paint it black" by the rolling stones... at least your songwriter is a good example to children (;


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