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Monday, July 4, 2011

One Hundred

Yesterday was our 100th day in the NICU.

It has been one hundred days of stress. One hundred days of worry. One hundred days of tears and heartbreak and trudging back and forth from the hospital.

But it has also been one hundred days of joy. One hundred days of hope. One hundred days of unbearable love and watching miracles happen before my very eyes.

I was not supposed to have these 100 extra days with my babies. At least, not with my babies on the outside. But in a weird way, I'm kind of glad I did. This time - though harder than anything else I have ever had to endure - this time has been special. I have gotten to watch my teeny tiny one-and-a-half pound babies thrive and grow and become these newborns that aren't quite newborns. Babies are all amazing but my babies? They are extraordinary. Their strength in the last 100 days have proven that, time and time again. I am so lucky to have had these 100 days with them.

My times are in Your hand -Psalm 31:15

PS - Happy Fourth, yall. It's been a quiet one around here... we're busy preparing for our own little Independence Day ;)

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