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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Due Date

Today was the date that our babies were originally expected to arrive on.

But today my babies are 3 months, 2 weeks, and 6 days old.

I was braced for today to be hard somehow but really? I feel like today my world has been flipped right side up again after being upside down for so long.

Today I feel like I am right where I belong.

Today I should be settling into a new routine with the babies I just brought home. It's what every other "new" mom does on or around their due date and, although it's not quite the same, today that's exatly what I'm doing. I'm supposed to be exhausted and unshowered and covered in spit up. I'm supposed to be rocking babies at 3am and chasing pacis and trying to figure out how to swaddle a miniature Houdini. And after more than three months of missing out on so much "normal", it feels so good to finally be where I "should" be.

It's kind of strange though, to look at my babies and think that this is how I should have met them, Audrey with her chubby cheeks and Grayson with his head full of hair. They have changed and grown and accomplished so much in the last three and a half months and had they come today like they were supposed to I would have missed out on so much of them.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 - He has made everything beautiful in its time.


  1. So can I tell you my heart melts evrrytime I read your blog. Terrisa Lindsey Brit and I are laying in bed as I read your blog out loud and I just start crying with joy for you... much love

  2. Yay! They are home as they were intended to be! God is God alone and His ways are higher than ours. Enjoy your perfect, precious angels! <3

  3. I love reading your updates. I check your site compulsively (sp?!) daily in hopes of news on the babes and you!

    You continue to amaze me, girl. You have fought through so many emotions, trials, and fears...and have done it while maintaining a fantastic outlook. You're fantastic. =)

  4. Daniel calls the time we had before the babies were due "bonus" time :). And while we wish they came at 42 weeks instead of 29 weeks, I love our time together :)


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