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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet Potato Pie and I Shut My Mouth

The babies had their first taste of food last night! Figuring out the timing of starting purees was kind of complicated (but what isn't with a preemie?)... Conventional wisdom says babies "start solids" at 6 months, but at 6 months my babies were the size of a 2.5 month old. On the other hand, waiting until they were 6 months adjusted would have put them at over 9 months actual, and our neonatologist thought it was unnecessary to wait that long since we (so blessedly) avoided the intestinal problems that can plague preemies. After talking it to death discussing it in depth with ALL of our doctors, we decided to do it sometime between 6 months actual and 6 months adjusted. November puts us smack in the middle of the two, the babies were starting to show some signs of being ready and my sister was here to join the fun so it seemed like the perfect time to jump in :)

We started with sweet potatoes... and I even made our own puree!

Uh mom... what is that stuff?

First bites!

Audrey was kind of a fan

Grayson... not so much.

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  1. LOL! Oh my word, Jess - these are HILARIOUS. :) He really isn't so sure - especially in that last, right corner one...hehehe. :)


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