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Saturday, November 5, 2011

What We Love: First Three Months Home Edition

It's time for another "What We Love" post! This one is for our first three months at home. The babies came home right at their due date, so these could technically be considered our "newborn" must-haves, since the babies were basically developmentally "new born", even though they were 3-6 months old. (This preemie stuff can be SO confusing, yall)

-Arms Reach Co-Sleeper
We use this as our bassinet and I LOVE it. The Original is actually marketed to be big enough for twins, which is what drew me to this to begin with. I really wanted to have my babies co-bedded when they came home, and this is the perfect size for them to sleep next to each other. I really like how it backs right up to my bed too - makes those middle-of-the-night nursing sessions a little bit easier.

MUST. HAVE. We have one for each baby - A actually has that cute cupcake cover, and G's has cars on it. And man, we use these suckers for EVERYTHING. I actually brought one to the hospital when we were learning to breastfeed, and it is worth it's weight on gold for helping you position a tiny, squirmy baby. Now that they're home, we use them for tummy time, to sit the babies up under their play gym, to prop them when I have to double-fist bottles, lounging around... literally, EVERYTHING. If you don't get anything else, GET A BOPPY.

-Fisher Price My Little Lamb swing
This thing is a sanity saver. Audrey is a nap fighter extraordinaire and this thing can knock her out in no time. I know, I know, it's not the best show of parenting, and I don't use it for every nap, but desperate times call for desperate measures my friends. We have the matching vibrating chair and the two combined have won me many a shower during the day. The only thing I don't like is that it runs on batteries and we are CONSTANTLY buying them. FP makes another swing that you can plug in, and if we had to do it again I would probably go that route. But I am a little neurotic really like things to match and the plug-in swing didn't have a chair that went with it. But I digress.

-"Burp Diapers"
Technically, these are pre-fold cloth diapers. We use them for, uh, just about everything BUT diapering. We call them "burp diapers" because we mostly use them to catch projectile vomit (yay reflux) as burp cloths. They are super super absorbent and they're also pretty cheap (psst, the Babies R Us brand ones are the best) so I don't mind getting them nasty. We go through stacks and stacks of these a day.

-The First Years Gumdrop Pacis
The only pacis my babies got in the hospital were the preemie-sized Soothies ones, but once they got home I really didn't like them because they got in the way of their cannulas. Only problem? THEY WOULDN'T TAKE ANY OTHER PACI. Until I found these. The nipple part is shaped the same as the Soothies but there are notches cut out for their noses. We have them in every color!

-Summer Infant velcro swaddlers
SO MUCH EASIER than any receiving blanket. Plus, Audrey is a certified baby Houdini and can beak out of just about anything. These are genius. We have worn ours out!

What about YOU, new mamas? What did you love for your little loves?

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