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Friday, March 23, 2012

DITL finale!

It's just before midnight, so I'm totally getting this in on time!

The babies' birthday party is tomorrow and then their birthday is Sunday. I can't even stand it. I'm pretty excited for the weekend but tonight I'm going to cry myself to sleep. I'll be back Monday with tons of pictures, our 1-year update, and some pretty sappy letters to the babies.

But for now, here's Part 5, the final part of our DITL!

Time check!

After-nap nursing

Back into the entertainers for a minute

While I fight the dog hair battle

Daddy's home!!!

Which means I get to sneak out

And go to the grocery store. I know. I have such a wild life.

Get home, unload, start the potatoes to boil

Dinner time for babies!

Carrot puree, avocado, grilled cheese


Bathtime for Grayson. I have never in my life met a baby that loves bathtime more than this kid.

Audrey's turn! This kid loves being naked. I hope she grows out of that before she's 16.

Babies hang out and doze

While I finish dinner

Shephard's Pie, yum!

Watch a little BBT while we eat (such a BAD HABIT)

Bedtime for babies!

Bedtime bottle prep, monitors and sleep sacks, and babies are ready for bed!

Bottles and snuggles

Good night babies!

Time to relax! Chris got me some fro-yo on his way home and it's been waiting for me in the freezer all night. I enjoy it while I brush up on my speech for the MOD kickoff (that was the next day - it went really well!) and play on the internet/hang out with Chris for awhile

Bedtime routine

Check on the babies one more time

And it's bedtime for me!

I read on my Kindle til I fall asleep. This was Matched - it was really good!

Sooooo that was my day. Not really that interesting, huh?


  1. I have SOOOO loved your DITL series!! It's so funny that you say it's not really that interesting, because I have been totally intrigued! Haha! Our day is pretty much exactly like yours, except I only have one baby, and I shower at night! :) My husband is even a cop! This was lots of fun! Happy almost birthday to your sweet little people!!

  2. Love your DITL! Thanks for sharing! Your babies are precious!


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