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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More of our DITL!

Did you miss Part One? It's here if you need to catch up!

Onto Part Two...

Time check! It's almost 10:30 and the babies just went down for their morning nap.

I'm still rocking the pajamas and some serious bed head. Sexy and I know it.

We're just getting started...

Jump in the shower

Do the minimum to make myself look like a human.

Negate any effort I put towards my appearance with my mom-iform. Yoga pants, nursing tank, t-shirt, top knot.

All that in about 30 minutes!

Annnnd look who is up. She never naps long in the morning.

Give her something to entertain herself with.

While I make myself my "second" breakfast. I usually grab something small when I first wake up and then eat something more substantial later.

Except we're out of cream cheese and I didn't notice until I had already toasted my bagel. Dang it! Butter and jelly it is. Fun fact: I like raspberry jelly with seeds in it.

Not pictured: me stuffing my face.

Run the dogs out to potty.

And look who's up when I get back!

Up next: more eating, some playing, and some cleaning. So much excitement.

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