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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Breathe on me

It has been seven and a half weeks that the babies have been on ventilators.

Two of those for Grayson were on the oscillator.

There have been no less than 11 accidental extubations and subsequent re-intubations between the two of them. About half of those were the babies pulling their own tubes out.

There has been a five-day round of steriods for each baby to help mature their lungs.

Tomorrow, those tubes are coming out - hopefully, for good.

The doctor wrote orders today for the babies to move to C-PAP tomorrow morning. The C-PAP stands for "continuous positive airway pressure". Basically, it is a mask they wear that blows a continuous stream of air to keep their lungs partially inflated between breaths, which makes breathing less work for them.

They will be getting some extra support but what that means is my babies will be breathing on their own.

If you can spare a prayer, pray for us for tomorrow. Pray for doctors that can work swiftly and steadily. Pray that my babies stay strong and take to the change well. Pray for my babies to breathe.

"Come trickle down and save the world
Two hands that I can't see
Come breathe, come breathe,
Come breathe on me"
-Jennifer Knapp, Breathe On Me


  1. Jess that is amazing news!!! I am so happy!!!! That will mean they are one BIG step closer to them going home! Yay!


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